6 Reasons You Should Use Plaxo:

  1. People are transient. Now more than ever, your contacts move around from company to company, city to city, country to country. If you’re connected on Plaxo, the service tracks those changes automatically for you.
  2. Companies make changes. Sometimes the business moves, other times the URL changes or the phone numbers change. People get promoted or assume new responsibilities. Titles change. If you’re connected to John McCrea and he makes a change on his profile, your information is automatically updated. (Note to current users: when you make changes in your contact info, be sure to update on Plaxo.)
  3. Relationships vary. Though we friend people on Facebook, follow people on Twitter, and connect on LinkedIn, Plaxo recognizes that not everyone is a friend in real life. Liz Strauss explained once that there are some people she’d meet for coffee, other people she’d fly halfway around the world to see – at the drop of a hat. I think it was Chris Brogan who said a true friend is someone who will help you move your sofa. He also talks more specifically about future use of velvet ropes. Some people are business contacts, others are friends and then there’s family. Plaxo lets you share information accordingly.
  4. Birthdays matter. Life is busy. I forget birthdays and though ideally I would send paper cards in the mail to arrive well ahead of someone’s birthday, the reality is – I just don’t anymore. Plaxo reminds me of my contacts’ birthdays and then gives me the tools to send the cards on that specific day or ahead of time, using the information that’s already on Plaxo. No re-entering email addresses or birth dates.
  5. Back ups are important. It’s important to keep your contact information safe, and in more than one place so that valuable info is protected in case your computer crashes, your building burns down or your system is hacked. Creating easy to access back up info is just plain smart.
  6. Portability is good thing. When I left my job at the Lynchburg Regional Chamber, I had close to 1500 contacts in Outlook. I left on great terms and Plaxo helped me transfer those contacts, seamlessly. If you’re building your contacts in a database other than your own, you need to make sure you can access those same contacts easily from other places. I understand Plaxo is also taking a lead role in Portable Contacts across many/all platforms so that in the future, you can access the networks you build on all your social network sites, in one place.

But wait! There’s more: Take a look at the feed/stream/pulse, groups, calendar, duplicate remover, messaging, polls, photos, and just recently they’ve even added Fan Pages beta.

You can use the free service or upgrade to the premium level. Both are worth checking out, based on your needs and budget


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