Frequently Asked Questions about Australian Education

Q. Will you get me financial aid or scholarship?
A. There is very limited financial aid for international students in Australia. There are very few scholarships offered by some universities/government but they are very competitive. We do not have a standard list of available scholarships. You will have to research the individual university websites for this information.  

Q. What are the living expenses in Australia?
A. This will depend on the city where you study. To give you an idea, your living expenses would range from A$ 8,500 to A$ 12,000 per year
Costs may vary depending on the lifestyle.

Q. Can I work part-time while studying?
A. International students can work for up to 20 hours per week in part-time or casual employment, and full-time during gazetted vacation periods. You need to apply to the department of Immigration for permission to work in Australia. You can apply for a work permit after you have arrived in Australia and started your course.

Please note that part-time jobs are not easy to find in Australia.

Q. Can I work in Australia after completing my education?
A. Yes, you can work in Australia if you get a full-time job with a company. It is not easy to get jobs though. If you do not get a job, you have to return back.

It is possible to apply for immigration as well. However, we do not provide information about the same. We are an education website and we can help you in the university application process once you have decided.

Q. Is it easy to get jobs in Australia after finishing my education?
A. Getting a job is not easy. It is possible if you perform well in your program and in your job interviews. Going by the past statistics, some Indian students have managed to find jobs and have stayed back after completion of their education. However, there is no guarantee. You have to take a chance and perform well. We cannot predict your chances.

Q. For how many years, will my student visa be valid?
A. You will get a visa for the duration of the program. There is usually no extra time granted. On completion of the program, you are expected to leave the country within 28 days. If you wish to stay longer you must seek approval from the Department of Immigration, Multicultural & Indigenous Affairs.

Q. Can my husband/wife/spouse work while I study?
A. Dependents of postgraduate – Master and Doctorate Students, who hold Visa Subclass 574, can work full-time after the student has commenced his or her course in Australia.

Q. How much can I earn by doing part-time work?
A. This will depend on the kind of job that you get. Most part-time jobs are minimum wage jobs like shop assistant, helper at fast-food joints, bars and department store, cleaner, waiter/waitress and clerical jobs.

Rates of pay for casual work for students range from A$ 6 to A$ 10 per hour.

Please note that the income you earn from part-time jobs may not be sufficient for your living expenses.

Q. I have taken TOEFL. Is IELTS compulsory?
A. YES. Irrespective of the medium of instruction in your previous school, you have to take IELTS. Even if you have already taken TOEFL, you have to take IELTS. This is compulsory requirement for the student visa for applicants from India.

Q. What programs can I apply for?
A. You can apply for any program, including diploma and bachelor degree programs at the undergraduate level and postgraduate diploma and masters level programs.

Q. Why should I apply through Infozee?
A. Applying through Infozee makes the admission process simple, efficient and cost-effective. Not only is the service FREE, you also save your invaluable time. You save the courier charges for sending applications to each university. We also check your documents before sending them to the university and follow-up with the universities on the status of your application. And, you can be assured of a confirmed admission letter at the end of the process. We also help you with your visa including documentation and interview preparation. In short, we will help you in the entire application process.

Q. How many universities will you apply to?
A. We will apply to two to three universities only. After all, you will be joining just one university. Once you enroll, we study your profile and suggest you a list of universities where you can get admission. Then we list the universities in order of your preference. We would try to get you an admission in your first choice university.

Q. Can I choose universities which are of interest to me?
A. Of course, you can. We will be guiding you in the selection process but the final choice is yours. Our goal is to secure you admission in the best university based on your background.

Q. Why does Infozee take the visa draft of Rs. 9300?
A. Infozee does not charge any processing fee. We just take a demand draft for the visa application fee. This is a draft of Rs. 9300 in favour of «Australian High Commission» payable at the city where you will apply for the visa. This the usual visa application charges which you have to pay the Australian government for the student visa process.

We take this in advance just to ensure that the student is serious about Australian education. As the service is FREE, there is a chance of misuse. Taking the draft in advance ensures that the student is serious and keen about astudying in Australia.

Q. What is assured admission? Can anyone guarantee an admission?
A. Technically, only the university can assure you of an admission after going through your credentials. Most universities have their own admission criteria. However, if you meet certain minimum requirements like a IELTS score and a valid education background, we can assure you that you will get an admission in a particularuniversity. This is because of our experience with these universities.

Q. Will applying through Infozee improve my chances of getting an admission in a particular institute?
A. Based on your academic credentials and test scores, we will provide you a list of institutes where you have a high probability of getting admission. Out of those selected institutes, we will endeavour to secure you an admission in your top choice, and guarantee an admission in one of the selected institutes. There is no special consideration given by the institutes for students who apply through Infozee.

Q. What are the other expenses I will incur?
A. You will not incur any other expenses until you receive your confirmed admission letter. However, some universities require an application fee. You will have to pay the application fee, in case, you decide to apply to these universities.

You will also, have to pay the university fees, accommodation expenses and any other expenses after getting your admission. You incur no additional expenses if you apply through Infozee. In fact, you save courier charges.

Q. What happens if you are unable to offer me an admission?
A. We guarantee an admission in one of the universities selected by us. However, if we are unable to get you an admission we will return the visa application draft to you.

Q. Is GMAT or GRE compulsory for admission?
A. GRE is NOT required for admission to Australian universities.
However, IELTS is compulsory for student visa.
GMAT is required by some universities for the MBA program.

Q. How long will it take for my admission letter after I submit the documents?
A. You will get your admission letter within 12 weeks after you submit all the documents. Please do not worry about the process after you have submitted the documents. It is then our job to ensure that you secure an admission.

Q. I have a 3 years Bachelors degree. Can I get an admission?
A. Yes, you can get an admission. Almost all universities accept the three-year Indian bachelor degree.

Q. I have a low IELTS score. Can you get me an admission?
A. Yes, you can get an admission in some programs. However, we will have to study your profile for this.

Q. I am doing my Bachelors degree. Can I get a transfer to an institute in Australia?
A. Yes, you can get a transfer. You can transfer into the second or third year of college depending on your transfer of credits. You should have completed at least one year and preferably two years of education in your home country.


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